CityChase Sydney 2006 Unofficial Website


News Flash!

I've thrown this site together quickly after the CityChase in Sydney. I hope to post more information as I get more time and receive input from other people who participated, so check back again soon!

If you have something to contribute to this page, please mail me.

Things I'm looking for:

  • Information on the ChasePoints I didn't personally perform (Fioriani, Cook+Phillip, Karaoke, Fish Market)
  • A complete list of gross foods (other than lemon, raw egg, dog food)
  • A list of positions and times (eg came 20th in a time of 3 hours 4 minutes
  • Stories from participants about how they ran the race (what routes, what transport worked well or otherwise, how you would do it in future)

I'd like this to be a prototype for the CityChase organisers to build an official website in future where participants can share their experiences with each other. I've got some great ideas about how to build an interactive post-event social centre, but feel free to send in your suggestions too!

Thanks for visiting!

CityChase was held in Sydney on Saturday 25 March, 2006.

The ChasePoints were:

Clue Activity
1. Go the Distance!
Check in at the Bond Street Fitness First, where you will definitely work up a thirst.
The team had to travel 1.5km on a treadmill, 2.5km on a rowing machine or 2.5km on a stationary bicycle. The bike was the easiest! Team members could share the job. There was plenty of equipment available.
2. Price Check – Latin-style
Go to the market that sells all kinds of fishes; specifically where ‘Rosie’ cleans her dishes.
The team had to locate a fish given its Latin name, and find its price.
3. Flip Out! (Double Stamp)
It’s far away so its worth two stamps, at the Entertainment Quarter hold on to your pants.
One team member had to jump in a vertical bungee and do either a front- or back-flip. This was a long distance away, so it was worth a Double Stamp.
4. ‘Triv-enger Hunt’
Pick up the list at Fioriani’s Restaurant, then search nearby to find everything you want. This ChasePoint doesn’t open until eleven, if you arrive earlier you’ll be cursing to heaven.
The teams were given a list of things to scavenge or find. Many teams complained that this took up to 30 minutes to complete. Opened at 11am.
5. Find the Key at the Quay
Mesdames et Messieurs – Salut! Cet indice est éscrit en français pour vous. Allez au musée d’art contemorain.
One team member was blindfolded and given a key. They then had to try and find a padlock that matched the key from several dozen locks attached to a chain that hung down from a tree. The other team member could assist but could not touch.
6. What goes up must come down…
If your legs are strong this should not take much time. Check in for details at The Bridge Climb.
Outside the Bridge Climb office, team members received a Bridge Climb brochure and were told to go to the South Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Both team members had to ascend 200 stairs to the top of the Pylon. They first had to prove that they had received the Bridge Climb information by answering a question from the brochure.

7. Splish-Splash
Since this ChasePoint opens at noon, plan your route wisely or you’ll arrive too soon. Near St. Mary’s Cathedral is a pool for this challenge aquatic, in your white t-shirts this ChasePoint might be erotic!
One team member had to dive into a pool to retrieve the team's number from the bottom. Not easy if your number was upside-down! Many teams said this was a refreshing challenge after running through the city! Opened at noon.
8. Luna-tics!
Race to the face, that’s the place.
The teams had to run around Luna Park to discover three clues that each gave letters to form the secret phrase "Just for Fun". One clue required the team members to ride down a large slide on mats.
9. Strip Bowling (Double Stamp)
Each time you miss you will lose some clothes, as you aim for the target at Waverton Bowls.
The teams had to lawn bowl until they got a bowl within a one metre radius of the Jack. Each time both members of the team failed to accomplish this, they had to remove a layer of clothing, down to their underwear. This was a long distance from the city, so it was worth a Double Stamp.
10. City Chase Buffet
The roll of the dice determines what you’ll eat, with five gross items and one tasty treat.
Near Central Station look for the crowd, but sharing your food items is not allowed!
Both team members had to roll a dice, which would determine what they had to eat -- a slice of lemon, a raw egg, chocolate cake or dog food!
11. XC90 101
Learn some facts about the latest Volvo, you’ll receive questions that you’ll need to solve-o.
Go to the dealership on Crown Street, to learn more about the Volvo fleet.
Teams had to answer 5 of 7 questions about a new Volvo.
12. Sing-a-long
Impress the judges at Cash Box Karaoke, singing songs that could be rock, punk or even folky.
The team had to sing a song. Opened at noon, but this information wasn't given on the Clue Sheet.

Here's a file you can load into Google Earth to see all the ChasePoints: City Chase - Sydney 2006.kmz

Each team had to collect 10 ChasePoints, but 14 were on offer. Two locations were worth double points. Therefore, the options open to each team were:

The winning team came in around 2.5 hours (please correct me if I'm wrong!). They ran the whole course as follows (except where indicated):